About The Podcast

Formerly called Too Much CGI, the “Did You Hear About This?” podcast covers current show business news from the view of Bill and Scott, two long-time friends who are also fans of cinema and pop culture. We were raised like most kids in the 80s and 90s; that is, to be on a sugary diet of fantastic new pop media. We have been fascinated by the entertainment business ever since. We like to know how the production works. We like to know the creative decisions that make the entertainment we love. We favor the old days before there was too much CGI, and we used our imagination to fill in the gaps.

We also love sharing the cool things that we know and discover. It’s a weird addiction. In each episode of the podcast podcast, we bring news and information about the pop culture we love. Sometimes we’ll bring some knowledgeable friends. Perhaps if things go well, a celebrity or two. Of course, we’ll have some games and plenty of laughs along the way.

Bill & Scott - Too Much CGI

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