Episode 54: Christmas, Then & Now

Episode 54: Christmas, Then & Now

Christmas is right around the corner. Everyone is busy as hell, but we were able to squeak out a show. Listen as we chat about Christmas traditions from our days as kids in the 80s, to grown adults in the 2020’s.

We also talk about the new Indiana Jones movie and of course, Hollywood news.

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Episode 54: Christmas, Then & Now   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1. YouTube user Delux Nation 2.0 https://www.youtube.com/@jamiedlux uncovers and discusses blind items, which are rumors about celebrities and their scandals. Some of these go very, very dark. He provides clues and information about these blind items without revealing the identities of the celebrities involved. Delux Nation 2.0 gained attention when Corey Feldman, a former child actor, responded to one of his tweets about a potential abuser.
  2. Christmas Traditions: The hosts discuss how Christmas activities, such as attending our kids’ concerts and looking at lights, have changed over time. They also talk about the busy nature of the holiday season. They also talk about the growth of the Christmas light phenomenon.
  3. Elon Musk and Twitter: The conversation shifts to Elon Musk’s influence on Twitter and the challenges of using the platform, especially for podcasters seeking an audience. Will Twitter, aka X, last? We’re not sure.
  4. Roadhouse Remake: In the news, we are discussing the remake of “Roadhouse,” starring Jake Gyllenhaal and directed by Doug Lyman. The hosts express their opinions on the film going straight to streaming on Amazon Prime instead of a theatrical release. Jake Gyllenhaal is pissed!
  5. Streaming Services and Film Industry: The hosts debate the impact of streaming services on movies and whether a film released directly to streaming can achieve blockbuster status.
  6. Nostalgia and Humor: Throughout the episode, the hosts reminisce about past experiences and inject humor into their discussions, reflecting on various aspects of pop culture and entertainment.