Episode 56: Gremlins, Cookie, and Confessions

Episode 56: Gremlins, Cookie, and Confessions

In today’s 56th episode, we want to find out how good you are. Murderers, listen up. We need demographic data.

We also talked about 10 things you didn’t know about Gremlins. Come for the show, stay for the laughs, listen to the news… then bail. That’s all we ask.

Oh, and pay your fee. Tickle tickle tickle.

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Episode 56: Gremlins, Cookie, and Confessions   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1. Christmas Celebrations: Bill and Scott share their personal experiences of how they celebrated Christmas. Bill talks about not giving gifts this year and enjoying a stress-free holiday, while Scott describes his family’s Christmas routine.
  2. Gifts and Christmas Routine: Scott elaborates on the gifts he received, including a high-tech toothbrush and a new desk chair. But he goofed – he didn’t get a podcast chair (lol!!!). He also discusses his Christmas day schedule, involving family visits and watching football.
  3. Pop Culture and Geekery Discussion: The conversation shifts to various aspects of pop culture and geekery, though specific topics within this are not detailed in the provided transcript segments.
  4. “Dead Celeb of the Week” Segment: They discuss the recent passing of Tom Smothers, one of the Smothers Brothers, reflecting on his career and impact.
  5. Celebrity Life and Entertainment Industry: The conversation touches on the challenges and dynamics of celebrity life, particularly focusing on actress Taj P. Henson. They discuss her decision to fire her entire team post-“Empire” for not maintaining her fame and securing opportunities. She was outspoken and shared why she fired her entire publicity team.
  6. Stuff You Didn’t Know About Gremlins: How much do you know about the movie Gremlins? Produced by Steven Spielberg, we list several things we bet you didn’t know about the film.
  7. Promotion of Other Content: They promote their other content, including a segment on YouTube about pop culture facts (called Useless Pop Knowledge) and an invitation for listeners to interact with their Spotify content.