Episode 55: What’s Up With the Godzilla-Verse?

Episode 55: Pat Finnerty Is Back. What’s Up With the Godzilla-Verse? Hallmark Movies Are Schlock.

Well, the title says it all. We talk about a lot of things in this episode. Did you know Walt Disney’s dying words were “Kurt Russell”? WTF.

Tune in for some laughs, movie news, and for those who are tired of holiday stuff, we took a break 🙂

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Episode 55: Pat Finnerty Is Back. What’s Up With the Godzilla-Verse? Hallmark Movies Are Schlock.   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1. Introduction and Casual Chat:
    Hosts Bill and Scott share personal updates and discuss the busy holiday season. Holidays are the craziest time of year.
    Light-hearted conversation about holiday gifts and humorous experiences with them.
  2. Godzilla Content Surge:
    Discussion about the recent increase in Godzilla-related content, including a new Godzilla show on Apple+ and the next “Godzilla X Kong” movie.
    Speculation on whether different Godzilla portrayals are connected or separate. He’s purple now? He can run now?
    Personal opinions on Godzilla from the past, including Godzilla 1984.
  3. Wakanda Series Announcements:
    Talk about the announcement of both a live-action and an animated Wakanda series.
    Considerations on the potential impact on animation and special effects industries. Could Disney be moving to animation because they can’t get enough CGI help?
  4. Beverly Hills Cop (Axel F) Trailer Reaction:
    Hosts share their thoughts on the trailer for a new Beverly Hills Cop project on Netflix.
    Discussion about Eddie Murphy’s recent work and his role in the movie. Is he still relevant? Is this going to be a hit?
    Personal preferences regarding the Beverly Hills Cop series and its legacy.
  5. Aging in Hollywood:
    Conversation about how actors, like Eddie Murphy, visibly age in their roles and the industry’s perception of aging. 
  6. Holiday Plans and Podcast Schedule:
    Discussion about their plans for the upcoming Christmas holiday and the podcast’s schedule.
    Mention of a potential special New Year’s Day show.
  7. Hollywood News, Personal Wishes and Sign-off:
    The hosts discuss what they’re hoping to receive for Christmas.
    Final thoughts and a humorous sign-off message for the listeners.