Episode 60: The Fall of The Mall

Episode 60: The Fall of The Mall

Remember the malls? Of course you do. We all practically lived there. Let’s talk about them. Tune in for laughs, pop culture chatter and Hollywood news.

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Episode 60: The Fall of The Mall   


Show Summary

Show details:

  1. Mall Experiences and Personal Updates – The hosts kick off with a light-hearted exchange about mall visits, hinting at the chaos and excitement typically associated with such outings.
  2. They quickly transition into personal updates, with one host mentioning an upcoming trip to Los Angeles to speak at an event, highlighting the collaborative nature of their show production process, including editing and publishing challenges due to the trip.
  3. Behind-the-Scenes of Show Production – The conversation provides insight into the technical aspects of producing their podcast, including editing responsibilities and the logistics of episode release, especially in light of one host’s absence due to travel. They humorously discuss the potential pitfalls of one host handling the episode’s final touches and the trust involved in this process.
  4. Nostalgia, Music, and Pop Culture – The hosts delve into nostalgia for the 80s and 90s, particularly focusing on music and guitars. They express excitement about the NAMM show, a significant event in the music industry, discussing new instruments and innovations expected to be showcased.
  5. This segment is rich with references to specific guitar models and musicians, illustrating the hosts’ deep engagement with music culture.
  6. Discussion on Jurassic World and CGI – The conversation shifts to the Jurassic World franchise, with the hosts reacting to news about a new movie in development. They reflect on the series’ use of CGI, its evolution, and the challenges of maintaining audience interest over multiple installments.
  7. They critically assess the franchise’s direction, discussing the potential for new storylines and the balance between using practical effects versus CGI.
  8. Reflections on Movie Franchises and Technology – The hosts conclude with broader reflections on the use of CGI in movies and the difficulties of keeping long-running movie franchises fresh and engaging for audiences.