Episode 41: The Movie Inventor Episode

Episode 41: The Movie Inventor Episode

Brother Dan pitches an idea, and we roll with it. We discuss movie inventors. Who did we miss? (I noticed in editing we missed a biggie!). We also talk about several things you didn’t know about the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie. And as always, we round things up with Hollywood news.

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Episode 41: The Movie Inventor Episode


Show Summary

In this jam-packed episode, our hosts embark on a comprehensive discussion about the much-anticipated return of football. Bill, a die-hard Philadelphia Eagles fan, doesn’t hold back as he expresses his relief and surprise at his team’s first victory despite what can only be described as a shaky performance. The conversation takes a dramatic turn as they dissect the New York Jets’ recent headline-making move – the whopping $75 million acquisition of Aaron Rodgers for two years. But football isn’t just about the scores and contracts; it’s about the players, their health, and the risks they take every time they step onto the field. Aaron Rodgers is out for the season before even throwing a pass. Scott and Bill delve deep into the physical toll the sport takes on its players, discussing the high salaries they earn as compensation for the potential dangers they face. The conversation takes a poignant turn as Scott brings up Rodgers’ recent injury, emphasizing that it wasn’t the result of a high-impact collision but a torn Achilles.

As they navigate the football world, age becomes a focal point of their discussion. In a humorous twist, Bill mistakenly brings up Brett Favre multiple times, leading to a light-hearted debate. They also ponder the future of football players post-retirement. Is there life after the field? They discuss Tom Brady’s speculated move to commentating and the limited coaching opportunities available for those who hang up their cleats. Life after football doesn’t seem so great for most.

But ‘Too Much CGI’ isn’t just about sports. Bill and Scott’s passion for pop culture shines through as they shift gears to discuss the legendary Indiana Jones. Bill shares a fascinating tidbit about Harrison Ford’s guest appearance on The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, leading to a nostalgic discussion about the iconic scene from ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’.

The episode wouldn’t be complete without the main segment… a trip down memory lane to the 80s. Scott and Bill dissect a list from MovieWeb, discussing the 15 TV shows that defined the decade. They kick things off with ‘Knight Rider,’ reminiscing about its campy nature and the undeniable charm of KITT, the show’s real star. The conversation flows seamlessly to ‘The A-Team,’ where they highlight the show’s unique approach to action and its iconic van.

As they wrap up, the duo touches upon the ongoing Hollywood strikes, discussing the potential implications for the entertainment industry. They speculate on the possibility of Disney being sold, the lawsuit against the entertainment giant, and how the landscape might change once the dust settles. They also discuss the potential rise of alternative entertainment platforms like YouTube and podcasters due to mainstream media disruptions.