Episode 42: Was This What You Were Watching in the 80s?

Episode 42: Was This What You Were Watching in the 80s?

Scott finds a list of the 15 iconic television shows representing the 1980s. Needless to say, a list of this importance is always challenegable. So, we challenge it. (@movieweb, your kids better step it up.)

Plus, we talk about NFL football, Indiana Jones, and more Hollywood strike news. What else could you possibly want out of a podcast episode?

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Episode 42: Was This What You Were Watching in the 80s?


Show Summary
  1. Football season has started, and the hosts discuss their teams and the ups and downs of the games. “Football is pop culture. Sports is pop culture. And it’s just when football comes around, if you’re a football fan, everything starts to feel different. Everything gets happier.”
  2. The Jets spent a lot of money on an elite player, the Discount Doublecheck sponsor Aaron Rodgers, who got injured after only four snaps. Womp!
  3. The Jets were featured on the TV show Hard Knocks, which followed them during preseason, so this makes it much more painful for Jets fans.
  4. The hosts discuss the dangers of football and the high salaries of players. It is so dangerous, but so much fun. The struggle is real.
  5. The hosts then switch gears and talk about Indiana Jones, including a cameo by Harrison Ford on the Young Indiana Jones Show. They discuss a whole bunch of rarely known Indiana Jones knowledge. They share some interesting facts about the Indiana Jones movies, such as the filming location and the original choice for the lead role. They also discuss George Lucas’ desire to include aliens in the series and the naming of the character Indiana Jones.
  6. Finally, the boys discuss the main subject, a list from Movieweb designating the top 15 TV shows that represent the 1980s. We found the list to be suspect and added our own opinions.
  7. The show ended with the latest in Hollywood news.