Episode 61: What You Should Be Watching Vol. II

Episode 61: What You Should Be Watching Vol. II

It’s time for more recommendations of shit buried way deep into the streamers. We’ll be your TV Guide from here on out.

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Episode 61: What You Should Be Watching Vol. II   

Show Summary

Show details:

  1. Travel and Personal Experiences:
    • The speaker’s trip to the East Coast and their experience speaking at the NAMM show (National Association of Musical Merchandisers).
    • Observations on homelessness in Los Angeles, particularly in the financial district, noting the severity compared to previous visits.
    • Frustrations with Avis car rental service at LAX, including a long wait and poor customer service.
  2. Celebrity Encounters and Observations:
    • Mention of driving around Los Angeles and encountering celebrities, including a specific mention of possibly seeing Michelle Pfeiffer.
    • Reflections on the thrill of seeing celebrities in LA and the boundaries of being a fan versus invading privacy.
  3. WWE and Vince McMahon Controversy:
    • Discussion of Vince McMahon’s resignation from WWE’s parent company’s board amid sexual misconduct lawsuit.
    • Details of the lawsuit filed by a former WWE employee, alleging coercion into a sexual relationship and other serious accusations against McMahon and another executive.
    • Commentary on the culture of silence and misconduct in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, drawing parallels to the Harvey Weinstein scandal.
  4. General Commentary and Humor:
    • Light-hearted banter about the challenges and peculiarities of traveling in LA, dealing with rental car companies, and navigating the city.
    • Jokes about the potential consequences of interacting too closely with celebrities or crossing boundaries.
    • Speculation and humor about the impact of high-profile legal cases and scandals on public figures and their careers.